Company Dinner

During company dinners, participants are given the opportunity to get to know one another in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Your company dinner will be listed on our platform as well as in the Talents Guide. You can design your company dinner individually and determine its scope and duration. We will be happy to recommend a suitable restaurant in St. Gallen as needed. The students can sign up for a Company Dinner event on the HSG CAREER Platform.

Confect & Connect

Company representatives and students (a maximum of 16 participants, including company representatives) will work together to create a range of pralines, sushi, cupcakes, spring rolls or tapas in a relaxed and informal setting. Before that, you will have time to deliver a presentation. The course will take place at a predetermined cookery school in the centre of St. Gallen, under the guidance of the Migros Klubschule. The students can sign up for a Confect & Connect event on the HSG CAREER Platform.

Migros Klubschule St. Gallen

Escape Room

Together with students, you will visit the Escape Company in the centre of St. Gallen. Each of the four teams (each comprised of five students and one company representative) will be sent on a mission they should complete. The module provides you with the opportunity to better understand the creativity, performance and team spirit of your selected candidates under time pressure. We suggest to have a drinks reception or dinner after the mission. We are happy to recommend suitable restaurants or bars in St. Gallen. The students can sign up for a Escape Room event on the HSG CAREER Platform.

Escape Room in St. Gallen

Mix, Shake, Associate

In the fancy atmosphere of the Einstein-Lounge you will have the chance to start off your event with a presentation in front of the selected students (a maximum of 12 participants, including company representatives). Following the presentation you will take over the bar where you will learn about the basics of mixing cocktails. You will create a unique drink in separate groups. This is your opportunity to see your candidates‘ performance under pressure, their team spirit, creativity, and more competencies. The students can sign up for this module on the HSG CAREER Platform.

Mix, Shake, Associate

Virtual Reality Escape Room

This social activity is the perfect opportunity to share an exciting and future-oriented experience with the students. Virtual reality games can simulate situations that test interpersonal and rational behavior, as well as successful teamwork. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world and share your thoughts about the game and future trends such as virtual reality over an aperitif afterwards.

Fusion Arena Kreuzlingen

Interview in a Car

Do you prefer conducting an interview or speed dating in an unusual environment? Then “Interview in a Car” is the right choice for you! This format allows students and recruiters to meet on a personal level while being on the move. During the 30-minute round trip through St. Gallen, an individual conversation will take place, whereby an emotional basis for discussions and an unusual ambience is provided in this special setting.