Company Dinner

During company dinners, participants are given the opportunity to get to know one another in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Your company dinner will be listed on our platform as well as in the Talents Guide. You can design your company dinner individually and determine its scope and duration. We will be happy to recommend a suitable restaurant in St. Gallen as needed. The students can sign up for a Company Dinner event on the HSG CAREER Platform.

Confect & Connect

"Confect & Connect" is the perfect opportunity for networking in an informal setting. In a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, you will, together with students, create chocolates, sushi, burgers, or tapas and establish meaningful connections. The course is led by the Migros Klubschule and takes place in a carefully selected kitchen studio in the center of St.Gallen. Before the start of the culinary workshop, there is the possibility, by prior arrangement, to give a short company presentation. The students can sign up for a Confect & Connect event on the HSG CAREER Platform.

Migros Klubschule St. Gallen

Escape Room

You and a group of students (chosen by you) will visit the Escape Company, in the city of St.Gallen, which is known for its unique entertainment program. In 6 groups of max. 5 students and 1 company representative per group, you will be sent on different missions. During this experience, you will spend 1 hour making your way through several rooms by solving different riddles. This session is a great opportunity to get to know the students by learning more about their creativity, team spirit and performance under pressure. We recommend ending the experience with an Apéro or dinner. We would be happy to recommend suitable restaurants which you can use for the Apéro or dinner. The students can sign up for a Escape Room event on the HSG CAREER Platform.

Escape Room in St. Gallen

Mix, Shake, Associate

In the welcoming ambiance of the Einstein Lounge, you'll have a unique opportunity to introduce your company to a select group of students. Afterward, you'll all gather at the bar, where you'll learn the fundamentals of cocktail mixing, and then collaborate in groups to create your very own signature drink. This fun and interactive experience allows you to get to know the candidates better by observing how they work under pressure, their teamwork skills, creativity, and a range of other competencies. It's a fantastic way to connect level with students and get further insights into how they collaborate. The students can sign up for this module on the HSG CAREER Platform.

Mix, Shake, Associate


Our new event module combines fun and networking in an innovative way. In teams, you'll embark on a scavenger hunt through the picturesque streets of St.Gallen to selected restaurants. This provides you with the opportu- nity to get to know students, not only in an office setting but also in a dynamic environment. You can witness the problem- solving skills, commitment, and teamwork of your chosen candidates – these are crucial insights, which strengthen your recruiting process, that are not easy to identify in traditional interviews.