In order to be well prepared for the HSG Talents, we would like to draw your attention to the Career & Corporate Services at the University of St.Gallen. It offers all enrolled HSG students a free of charge career counselling service in the following areas:

  • Personal Career Exploration
  • Fine-tuning application documents
  • Interview training
  • Video interview training
  • Assessment Center
  • Decision making
  • Career walk-in

The goal of the CSC is to assist you in your career planning and in achieving your individual career steps, in line with your current needs. The career counselling service is carried out either in form of a workshop or in form of an individual counselling.

How to schedule an Appointment:

Important note: In February and March waiting times can range up to 14 days due to an increased demand. Make sure to schedule your appointment early during these months.

How do I set the proper settings? (Video with English Subtitles)


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