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The Opening Panel

The Opening Panel took place virtually on Tuesday, 02 March, in German.


How does the unpredictable change society, the economy and human values? The coronavirus pandemic will go down in human history for its serious impact. Security measures have been taken around the world, leading to a fundamental change in our way of life. New work, urbanisation and mobility are just some of the trends that are coming into focus in these uncertain times. This raises the question of what will remain after the crisis and how society and the economy can adjust to unforeseeable events in the future. We addressed these topics at the Opening Panel of the HSG TALENTS Conference 2021.

The Speakers of the Opening Panel 2021


Barbara Gisi

Barbara Gisi has been the director of the Swiss Tourism Association since 2013 and has shaped the tourism industry with her great commitment since taking office. Even in uncertain times, such as the coronavirus pandemic, she took a key position in strengthening the Swiss tourism industry. 

Previously, the licensed lawyer with a master's degree in NPO Management was, among other things, Head of Legal Services and Deputy Managing Director at the Association of Swiss Assistant and Senior Physicians as well as Head of Professional Policy and Deputy Secretary General at the Swiss Chamber of Commerce. In spring 2021, she will relinquish her position at the Swiss Tourism Association. In the future, she will act as Head of the Secondary School and Vocational Training Office of the Canton of Bern.

Roger Spindler

Roger Spindler is Head of Higher Vocational Education and Continuing Education at the School of Design in Bern and Biel. As a speaker for the Zukunftsinstitut in Frankfurt, one of the most influential think tanks for trend and future research, he deals with changes and developments in the areas of education, society, the world of work and media change. He is the author of numerous publications and deals with innovative as well as future-oriented strategies. He has also appeared as a guest speaker at various panel events. His motto is: "Whoever persistently looks at the world from a single perspective will be converted to it."  

Stefan Kuster

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Kuster completed his medical studies with a post-doctoral qualification. He also holds a double specialist title in General Internal Medicine and Infectiology. He expanded his education by completing a master's degree in clinical epidemiology at the University of Toronto and an additional executive MBA. In addition to his involvement with the national center for infection prevention Swissnoso, the titular professor worked in various capacities at the University Hospital Zurich and until the beginning of 2020 as Chief Physician Infectiology and Hospital Hygiene. Until the end of 2020, he held the post of Head of the Communicable Diseases Division at the Federal Office of Public Health and was thus a key figure in the management of the coronavirus pandemic. He is currently the Managing Director at BetterTogether Healthcare Consulting GmbH.  

Hendrik Blenken Blijednstein

Hendrik Blenken Blijdenstein is Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Digitec Galaxus, Switzerland's largest online retailer, and thus makes a significant contribution to the company's current success story. As a member of the Executive Board, he has commercial responsibility for the products offered and is responsible for the extensive network of suppliers and retailers, warehouse management and product range design. The native Dutchman emphasizes the importance of agility, customer orientation as well as farsightedness as success factors. Previously, he worked for McKinsey & Company in Hamburg and for the Dutch conglomerate Philips as Director & Head of Consumer Lifestyle Switzerland. He was also a member of the management board of Philips AG Switzerland. In addition, he built up a start-up in the e-commerce sector in Berlin. 

The Moderator


Kiki Maeder

Kiki Maeder is a presenter for Swiss Radio and Television (SRF), owner of the Zurich-based communications and event agency KomVent and an actress. With the program "Happy Day" on SRF 1, she leads one of the most successful Swiss entertainment programs together with Röbi Koller. In addition, with the program "Jetzt oder nie - Lebe deinen Traum", she was able to establish another flagship of the station. Thanks to her many years of experience and popularity, she regularly appears as a presenter at private and corporate events. She is the mother of two children and lives in Zurich